Alternatives to Wi-Fi when Working From Home

Because Talkdesk uses the Internet to connect you, this opens up the possibility for agents to work from home or some other remote location.

For consistently good call quality we recommend always using a wired "ethernet" connection. Given that your home is probably not wired up with Cat 5 cabling you're more likely to use WiFi instead. Unfortunately, this can cause stability issues.

If you don’t have an Ethernet cable long enough or in the same room as your router/switch a cost-effective alternative solution is to buy a pair of Powerline (PLC) Communication Adaptors:

  • A PLC adaptor will use the electric sockets in your house to allow you to communicate from room to room.

  • They suffer from less interference and they send and receive traffic at the same time (Full-Duplex)

  • They are a medium used for your purposed, not like aerial medium used by Wi-Fi and shared with any other potentially connected devices.

powerline.pngThese can cost as little as $30 (example TL-PA4010 KIT) for two and provide a way to easily connect your computer to your home router without having to run new cabling inside your house.


  • Please note that if your computer doesn't have an ethernet port, you'll also need to buy a USB Ethernet adaptor.
  • Follow our Requirements and Best Practices to understand what to do, if, for example, the agents are connecting via VPN.


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