Testing the Quality of your Network Connection

You can assess the quality of your network connection by using the Talkdesk Network Test Tool.

The Test Tool gives you the location and connection details, and allows you to test:

  • Throughput
  • Call Quality
  • Turn Connectivity
  • Location
  • Bandwidth Speed
  • DNS Lookup

A test typically takes 2-3 minutes to run, so the results are an averaged snapshot of a particular range of time.

It is advisable that the test is run on:

  • At least 3 times, at different times of the working day, to achieve the most typical results.
  • To repeat the tests from each office or home location where you have agents making calls.
  • To repeat the tests with the VPN/Proxy enabled/disabled (if applicable).

The Test Tool only currently works using Chrome. Should any difficulties running the test be found, try running it in the “Incognito” mode since some Chrome blocking extensions might have an impact on the test.


  • Fill [1] your work email and the company on the text form, 
  • Hit Start [2] and let the test run, allow permission for the microphone to be used when asked, and then wait for the test to be completed:



  • To send the results to Talkdesk, you just need to share [3] the Test ID or email used to Talkdesk Support.
  • Alternatively, you can click the buttons [4] to download the test as PDF, restart the test, or display detailed test results by hitting Log.

⚠️  If the test displays the error message below, please review the microphone permissions.

User denied access to microphone, or the web browser did not allow microphone access at this address


👉  We also have a guide on how to interpret test results.

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