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How can I test the quality of my network connection?


If you wish to assess the quality of your connection, there are several tools that you can use, depending on your needs. Here are two examples:

For a more generic test of your browser and network environment, you can use this test. Let the test run, allow the microphone and the camera to be used when required, and then wait for the test to be completed. We suggest copying the results to a text document or taking screenshots.

For more detailed/verbose results, you can use this test. Select your connection type, remain in the same tab in the browser, and then click on “Results + Share” to generate a shareable URL with the results.

To ensure the conditions are typical, please run the tests during office hours, when there are other people using the network.

A test typically takes a few minutes to run, so the results are a snapshot of a point in time. We therefore also recommend you to run the test at least 3 times, at different times of the day. Network conditions can vary and it is possible you may get a pass sometimes and failures at other times.

Repeat the network tests from each office or home location where you have agents making calls.  

When you are done, please send over all results to us:

Once we receive your results, we will review.

Thank you!

We also have a guide on how to interpret test results.

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