Activating the Queue to Voicemail (Legacy)

Note: Effective June 21, 2021, Talkdesk Classic Inbound Routing will no longer be available to sell to new customers. New customer accounts will only be able to configure inbound routing behavior through Studio.


Talkdesk provides the functionality for you to allow your callers to decide to leave the queue and go straight to voicemail. 

By following the instructions below, you will allow callers who contact your company on any phone number within your Talkdesk account to leave the waiting queue and go straight to voicemail.

To activate the Queue to Voicemail feature follow these instructions:

  • Log in to your Talkdesk account as an Administrator.
  • Click the 'Admin' section [1].
  • Select the 'Preferences' tab [2].
  • Scroll down to the 'Queue Settings' section.
  • Next to 'Queue to Voicemail' [3], select 'yes' [4] to activate this feature.
  • Next to "Digit to press" [5], enter the number you would like callers to press to allow them to leave the queue and go straight to voicemail.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click 'Save' [6].


Once you click "Save", this feature will be active for your account. Now, customers can simply press a specified number to leave a voicemail instead of waiting in the queue.

Note: You must configure the message callers hear while in the queue so they know they can just leave a voicemail instead of waiting. You should also configure your voicemail message.

If you wish to limit the Queue to Voicemail feature to callers who contact your company on certain phone numbers only (i.e., only callers who call the sales line), you can adjust the "Queue to Voicemail" setting for a specific phone number, under that number's "Custom Settings".

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