Interaction Analytics Roles and Permissions

As an admin, you can now customize Interaction Analytics permissions per role.

Therefore, you can control the visibility of the following Interaction Analytics features within Talkdesk: 

  • Dashboard: Grants the ability to access Dashboards.
  • Journey Map: Gives the ability to access Journey Map.
  • Advanced Search: Allows the option to use Advanced Search feature (available on the CXA Premium).
  • Download recordings: Concedes access to download audio recordings from the Transcription Card. *Please make sure “Play recordings/utterances” is also enabled.
  • Evaluate Interaction: Permits the skills to evaluate interaction within QM Application.

Note: In order to enable access to this feature in Interaction Analytics, you need to enable “Edit Evaluations” in QM App Permissions.

  • Export search results: Grants the competence to export results on Search.
  • Play recordings/utterances: Provides the option to listen to recordings from the Transcription Card and/or at the utterance level.

Note: Please note that, in order to enable access to this feature in Interaction Analytics, you need to enable “Listen to recording” in Call App Permissions.

  • Report to AI Trainer: Accepts the feature to report incorrect intent matches to AI Trainer’s App.
  • Save search: Gives access to Save Search and Saved Searches.
  • Transcription: Grants contact to view and download transcriptions.

Note: To download a transcription, you need to enable the view option.


By default, only Admins have access to Interaction Analytics and this role is set to include all Interaction Analytics permissions. Also, CXA Starter accounts don't have the ability to configure feature permissions, but only to grant access to Dashboard and Journey Map.

To learn more about Roles and Permissions, please read this article.


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