Reassigning Evaluations

Unfinished evaluations can stall interaction evaluation processes when users/evaluators are away. Talkdesk Quality Management includes a reassignment feature to facilitate these situations.

If an evaluator is unavailable, their unfinished evaluations can be quickly reassigned to an available evaluator, preventing delays and ensuring the flow and completion of processes.

In this example, the evaluation’s owner is “Paul Stevens”. Paul is currently unavailable, so we’ll be switching this evaluation’s ownership to an available evaluator.

To do so, click the “More actions” button (...) [1] at the far right and select Reassign [2].

A pop-up box will appear, with an “Evaluators” dropdown list [3]. Scroll down the list to find the evaluator that you wish to assign this to. Note: Keep in mind that an error will occur if you select a person who does not have the necessary permissions to perform these evaluations. After making your choice, use the Reassign button [4] to complete the process. 

An “Evaluation successfully reassigned” message [5] will appear at the bottom of the screen.

Once this process is complete, the new evaluator takes over the evaluations. The original evaluator’s dashboard will not receive any notifications, nor see the reassigned evaluations on their evaluations page. This allows evaluators to focus on the ongoing tasks assigned to them.

Note: The ability to still view these evaluations will depend on each evaluator’s permissions configurations. 

Viewing and setting permissions is defined in Admin > “Roles and Permissions”. Scroll down to find “Quality Management” and locate “Evaluations”.

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