Copilot: Automatic Summarization, Agent Next Steps and Disposition

After-contact work is one of the most important factors to consider when discussing contact center efficiency. According to the International Finance Corporation, agents take an average of 6 minutes to complete the case once a call is finished. During this time, common tasks include documenting the call, categorizing the call outcome, escalating issues, or updating customer information.

These tasks are crucial for ensuring a high level of customer service, compliance with regulations, and overall success of the contact center, but they might hurt return on investment (ROI) by taking agents off the line.

Large Language Model (LLM) capabilities can dramatically reduce time spent performing any documentation and categorization tasks while keeping a high operational standard. Copilot transcribes the call in real time, and by the time the call is finished, it can provide:

  • an automatic summary of the conversation, that the agent can copy to other systems such as the CRM tool.
  • a list of the next steps that were agreed upon with the customer, so that agents can quickly take action.
  • a recommendation of which disposition label is best suited considering the content of the conversation.

How it works

These features are provided with your Copilot subscription.

Please follow the steps below to make use of them:

1. Once the agent enters the call wrap-up stage, the Copilot app will automatically update to show a different screen, which includes the “Disposition and Summary” section [1], where the agent will see the Generate with AI [2] button. 

Note: Please note that to see these options on Copilot, you need to enable After Call Work on Talkdesk. 

2. Then, on the Copilot application, agents  will be able to see: 

  • The recommended disposition (this is selected from the existing disposition labels in your account) [3].
  • The summary of the interaction [4] 
  • The list of agents' next steps [5].

3. On the same screen, agents will also be able to use the tools available to: 

  • copy to clipboard [6]. 
  • add to notes [7]

With these options, the content of the summary and next steps is copied to the “Notes” widget in the “Conversations” app. In addition,  the recommended disposition in the “Disposition” dropdown in the “Conversations” app will be pre-selected.

Note: If you don’t use Talkdesk “Dispositions”, you can still take advantage of “Summarization and Next Steps”. If no disposition is created on your account, Copilot will not generate a disposition recommendation, but it will still generate the summary along with “Agent next steps”. 

If you would like to automatically log the call summary in a third-party application, we recommend you add the content to the “Notes” widget and then use Talkdesk “Connections” to automatically sync “Notes” with your system.

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