Using Salesforce Omni-Channel Flows with T4SCV

Admins can use Salesforce Omni-Channel flows to configure routing rules, letting them assign calls to agents or ring groups within Salesforce. These can then be triggered with Talkdesk Studio. 

To know how to use this feature, please follow the instructions below.


Enabling Agents in Salesforce

Your Agents can only receive work items, routed directly to them, with the Omni-Channel flow if they are synced with Talkdesk.

To sync your agents, please follow these steps:



  1. Access the SCV Talkdesk Admin tab [1].
  2. Go to the Omni-Channel Flows Settings [2].
  3. Select the users you wish to sync [3].
  4. Click the Sync User button [4].
  5. Choose the Refresh List button [5] to update the list. This might take a few seconds.

To remove users, follow the same steps, but click, instead, the Remove User button.


Note: Only active users with the Talkdesk for SCV contact center assigned will be displayed in the users sync list. Check here to know how to assign users to the Talkdesk for SCV contact center.


Creating SF Omni-channel Flows

To create a Salesforce Omni-Channel flow, please follow the steps here.


Mapping Salesforce to Talkdesk Queues 

To be able to route to queues, queues between Salesforce and Talkdesk, firstly, must be mapped. 

To map queues between Salesforce and Talkdesk, follow these steps:



  1. On Setup, go to the Partner Telephony Contact Centers [1].
  2. Select the appropriate contact center [2].


  1. In the Queue Mapping section, click Add [3].
  2. Select the Salesforce Queue [4] and add the correspondent Talkdesk ring group name (case sensitive) as a Talkdesk Queue Identifier [5].
  3. Choose Finish [6].



  • Automated queue synchronization is not yet supported. As such, admins must ensure  the agents assigned to the Salesforce Queue match the ones assigned to the Talkdesk Ring Group. Routing will take into consideration the agents assigned in the Talkdesk Ring Group.
  • To define routing configurations for queues, click here
  • The queue mapping is erased if the contact center is deleted.


Triggering Salesforce Omni-channel Flows with Studio 

To trigger a Salesforce Omni-channel flow from Talkdesk, create a Studio flow with the “Trigger Salesforce Omni-channel flow” component.

The Salesforce flow will be triggered based on the destination number of the incoming call.

Learn how to configure the component by clicking here. To see a studio flow example, please consult here.


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