Creating a Virtual Agent in AI Launchpad

This article shows all the steps to create a Talkdesk Virtual Agent™ in AI Launchpad™, with explanations about each field and capability.

To create a new Virtual Agent, please follow these steps:

1. Log in to your Talkdesk account as an Administrator.

2. Select the “more options” button [1].

3. Click on Admin [2].

A new window with a drop-down menu pops-up. 

  1. Select AI Launchpad [3].

  1. Go to AI Resources [4].
  2. Click Create AI Model [5].

  1. On the new sidebar:
  • “AI Model type”: Pick the “Business Process Automation - conversational” option [6] from the menu.
  • “Name”: Set up a name [7] for your Virtual Agent.
  • “Description”: Write down a brief summary [8] of your Virtual Agent topic.
  • “Select your service provider”: Choose the Talkdesk option [9]. In this case, the Talkdesk option allows building a Virtual Agent from scratch, with all its features available. However, if you already have built a bot to integrate with the Talkdesk call center, you must choose the Bring Your Own Bot (BYOT) option.
  • Choose the language from the menu [10]. In the example above, we selected English.
  1. Click Create AI Model [11] when you’re done.

The new Virtual Agent is now visible on the “AI Resources” menu inside the AI Launchpad.


Now, go to “Home” [1], and select Virtual Agent [2] from the drop-down menu.


Your recently created Virtual Agent is already available for editing and customizing.


For more information on Virtual Agent, please read our documentation.

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