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Talkdesk AI model templates offer a solution for users to quickly incorporate AI models into their workflows without the need to create their models from scratch. These templates come preloaded with a set of intents (in the case of intent model templates) relevant to various industries.

As of now, AI Launchpad exclusively supports the following AI model templates:

In this article, you can find information about: 

Identifying an AI Model template in Talkdesk AI Launchpad

AI Model templates can be found when enriching an AI flow. The applicable templates under the specific AI flow context (product, language, and product tier) will be available for selection while enriching the flow. 

You can easily identify a template tile by the “Template” chip present in the tile, as shown below: 

Using an AI Model Template

When editing an AI flow, you have the option to select a template similar to how you would for a pre-existing intent model. Once you make this selection and complete the AI flow editing process, a new model will be generated based on the chosen template and automatically linked to the AI flow.

Taking Intent model templates as an example, you can use them as described below: 

  1. Under “My area”, locate the flow to which you’d like to add an AI Model template and click on the Menu/more options button [1] followed by Edit [2]. 

  1. Select the AI Model template [2] that you’d like to use to enrich your flow. 
  2. The template will be automatically added to the flow and will be shown as a new tile in the “Enrich AI Flow” section [3]
  3. Click Save [4] to finalize the process. 


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