AI Launchpad: Types of AI Models

AI models are used to enrich your raw data. They are created by training an algorithm on a large dataset to recognize patterns and make predictions based on new data. The model is then used to classify or predict outcomes for new input data.

In Talkdesk AI Launchpad, you can find different types of AI Models that can be used in AI flows to enrich your data automatically, such as:

Intent Models

An intent model is a general-purpose, trainable detection model. It is trained to 

identify the intent behind a user's input and recognize an underlying purpose or goal in a text message or a spoken command. 

Intent models accept text inputs and analyze them to identify the most likely intent(s) based on patterns and features within the text. The output can then be used to trigger a corresponding action or response, such as providing relevant information or routing the user to a specific service or department. 

Intent models can, therefore, be attached to various of our product flows and shared across them. 

They can be trained in Talkdesk AI Trainer and, for each of these models, a link is provided in the model tile within the “AI Resources” section of AI Launchpad to allow the user to navigate into AI Trainer to train the model.


Conversational Models

A Conversational model is a type of AI model that automates business processes. It is designed to streamline and optimize routine business tasks. Conversational models use machine learning algorithms to analyze and learn from historical data, identify patterns, and make predictions to improve decision-making and automate tasks. They can be customized and integrated with existing systems to automate complex workflows and improve overall efficiency, accuracy, and productivity. 

Conversational models are widely used in various industries, including finance, healthcare, manufacturing, and logistics.

These are intent models that support conversational use cases, such as the ones for Talkdesk Autopilot and Copilot Smart Scripts, and that are currently supported in AI Launchpad. 

Please be aware that, a Conversational model can be created in AI Launchpad but will not be ready to be used with any of your AI flows until an automation is published within that model. 

For any Conversational model, there is a link in AI Launchpad that allows you to navigate directly to Automation Designer to create, configure, or publish the automation. 

Learn more about creating AI Models and adding AI models to your speech-to-text configuration here.



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