Activating Talkdesk Oracle Service Cloud Connector

This article details the steps to install and configure Talkdesk Oracle Service Cloud Connector.



  • Reach out to your Talkdesk point of contact to request the activation of this integration. 

Required customer data

  • An instance of Oracle Service Cloud.
  • An instance of a Talkdesk account.

To activate the Oracle Service Cloud Connector, please follow these steps: 

  1. In Oracle Service Cloud, go to NavigationConfigurationSite ConfigurationExtension Manager [1].

  1. Click Add New [2].

  1. Upload [3] the package provided.

  1. Set Extension Type to “Console”. Then, choose “talkdesk_bui_addin_init.js” as the “Init File” and “talkdesk_bui_addin_configuration.json” as the “Configuration” file.

  1. Go to Profile Access [4] and select the profiles that should have access to the integration.

  1. Under Server Configuration Properties, set the Values for each field according to the following table:


Field Name Values Observation
acc   Talkdesk account name
cti external/conversations/headless

External: Only CTI connection.

Conversations: Talkdesk Workspace embedded.

Headless: Talkdesk Conversations app embedded.

env   Environment and region of the account (prd-US as default for prd)
pop both/contact/incident

Both: Pop both contact and incident. 

Contact: Pop of the contact’s information.

Incident: Pop of the related incident.




Go to your Talkdesk instance and activate the Oracle Service Cloud integration by following these steps:


  1. Log in to your Talkdesk account as an Administrator.
  2. Open the Builder [1] section.
  3. Select the Integrations [2] tab and then select click Add Integration [3].
  4. Search for “Oracle Service Cloud.”
  5. Click on Add Integration. This will take you to the configuration for Oracle Service Cloud.

Note: Make sure the agent’s Client Integration in the Agent’s Tab is set to Oracle Service Cloud.

  1. Configure the integration and Save.


Automation Tools

To create your first Oracle automation, you’ll need to use the Automation tools integration. To learn more, consult this article.

As an example, below you can find the automation “In ‘Talkdesk’ when ‘an inbound call starts’ then ‘send data to CTI’”. 



The data in JSON Format step should appear as follows:




Finally, add a filter to make sure the automation only runs when a new contact calls. You can learn more about filters in the above article. 

After clicking the Save button at the top of the page, your Talkdesk Oracle Service Cloud Connector is ready to be used.

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