Interpreting Concurrent Agents Report

The “Concurrent Agents Report” details the list of agents who were logged in simultaneously on a given day for accounts that use the concurrent model. This report is provided on a monthly basis.

You can request a “Concurrent Agents Report” by submitting a ticket here (please select “Billing” in the first drop-down).

Below you can find a table with a description of the columns and values that you may see, in the order by which they appear.

Field Name Description
Account name Name of the account
Account ID Talkdesk unique ID for that account
Date Date on which the agent was logged in
Last Time of The Day of The High-Water Marker For Agent Concurrency Last time of the day when re the agents were concurrently logged at the high-water mark
User ID Unique ID for that agent
User name Name of the agent logged in  
Maximum Number of Concurrent Online Agents Maximum number of agents logged in simultaneously on that particular date. This value will be repeated for all lines on that date
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