Committed Recurring Credit

Committed credit is credit added to your account on a pre-defined recurring basis. The credit is valid for the duration of the contract and subject to renewal terms in the contract. An example would be $10,000 in credits per quarter for the year my organization's contract is valid. Credit added through the billing tab are added in addition to your pre-existing committed credit. If adding credit midterm, the amount billed will be prorated depending on the day of your billing cycle. This prorated amount will be billed immediately with the full amount billed at the start of the next bill cycle. Often times committed credit is discounted; this discount will be displayed when adding credit. Please note that we do not refund any unused credit after the contract's expiration or renewal.

Credit can be used for a variety of Talkdesk interactions:

1) Calls


3) Phone numbers

4) Call transcriptions

5) Flex agents (if applicable) 

All credit is deducted in real time from your account balance in the billing tab after each of the above events occur or are billed.


Note: For credit card customers, committed credit is similar to a related billing functionality that can be enabled, "Auto Recharge". Auto Recharge is uncommitted credit that is non-contractural and often does not carry the same discount of committed credit. 



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