Dual Channel Recordings

Dual channel recording allows you to obtain a stereo recording of your call with two distinct channels, one per party in the conversation: Channel A for the caller/callee and Channel B for the agent. When played over stereo speakers, the left speaker becomes Channel A and the right speaker becomes Channel B. This can allow your organization to save time when analyzing call recordings by only focusing on one party at a time.

As your call volume grows, listening back to calls and analyzing your customer’s sentiment manually for quality assurance purposes can become a strenuous task; moreover you may need an easier way to pick out the two parties on a call. With each party’s audio separated into its own track using dual channel, you can more easily automate recording actions such as transcription and keyword analysis.

Visit Talkdesk AppConnect if you wish to take further advantage of analytics and voice transcription by including integrations with some of our leading partners. For instance, you may want to use one of our QA integrations to run QA analysis on your agents’ phone calls. You may also want to analyze phone calls to find recordings consisting of frustrated customers only.

By default this setting is enabled for all new accounts, however, if you still prefer to listen to your call recordings in one single mono channel, please follow the instructions below.


Disabling Dual Channel Recordings:



  • Log in to your Talkdesk account as an Administrator.
  • Select the "Admin" section [1].
  • Click the "Preferences" tab [2].
  • Scroll down to "Dual Channel Recordings" [3].
  • Switch this toggle to the left (OFF position) [4].
  • Click 'Save' to apply your changes [5].
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