Autopilot: Barge-in

“Barge-in” is a feature of Autopilot Voice that allows users to interrupt Virtual Agents during an interaction to speed up the interaction, and to give a command or response.  

This feature can be used to quickly ask a question without having to wait for the Autopilot to finish playing back a lengthy prompt.


Configuring Barge-in feature

To enable the barge-in feature, please follow the steps below:

Screenshot 2024-04-12 at 13.58.45.png

1. Select the Autopilot for which you wish to enable “barge-in”.

2. Click on the Channels tab [1] > “Customize voice settings" [2]

Screenshot 2024-04-12 at 15.35.33.png

3. Tick the “Allow barge-in” check box [3] to enable the feature in your VA. Note: If you wish to revert the enablement, untick the “Allow barge-in” check box.

4. Save your changes [4].

After enabling the barge-in feature, if the VA is interrupted during a voice interaction, the audio will stop playing, and the VA will provide a relevant response to the caller.  

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