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Talkdesk CX Sensors™ is an add-on product that allows you to stay on top of customer issues by defining a set of keywords to be monitored and fine-tuning them by setting parameters based on the number of hits, time range, and frequency. For more information, please visit our Talkdesk CX Sensors documentation.


May 27, 2022 

On Friday, May 27th, 2022, Talkdesk CX Sensors will be available to all users.

Initially designed as a feature within the Talkdesk Interaction Analytics™ application, the CX Sensors are now an independent add-on product. They are a real-time monitoring and alert system that provide the ability to create ruled-based alerts, enabling them to warn users whenever a predefined event is detected on a real-time call transcription.


What’s included

The CX Sensors add-on product allows you to: 

  • Set keywords to be monitored and the ability to fine-tune them.
  • Establish parameters based on the number of hits, time range, and frequency.
  • Create new sensors and/or edit existing ones.
  • Control how often you wish to receive the CX Sensor notifications and choose all the users that will receive them. 
  • Send notifications through a multitude of channels (i.e. Slack and Microsoft Teams) and third-party platforms (i.e. Customer Relationship Management, Case Management, or Service Management systems).


How to Access or Install

If you wish to start using Talkdesk CX Sensors, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager.

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