HubSpot Connector Activation

Connect with your customers throughout their entire journey with the Talkdesk HubSpot Connector.

Follow these steps to set up the HubSpot Connector. Note: This product requires additional licensing.


Finding the Contact List ID

Note: If you don’t intend to use a specific Contact List, skip this section.

By default, the HubSpot integration fetches all Contacts in your HubSpot instance, but you can fine-tune it to only use Contacts from a specific Contact List.


To find your Contact Lists, in the navigation bar on top of the screen, navigate to Contacts > Lists in the navigation bar at the top of the screen.


In the All Lists page [1], find the desired List and click on it to open the “List Details” page.


Now, in the list details page, click on Actions [2] on the upper right side of the page, and then choose Details [3].


On the “List details” modal, find the “List ID” field and copy its value. In the example above, this would be 1.


Activating the HubSpot Connector in Talkdesk

The HubSpot integration can be activated in Talkdesk Classic by following these steps:

Note: If you are in Talkdesk Workspace, you can access the integration and all features described below by navigating to the Talkdesk Builder app. For more information, please refer to this article.

  1. Log into your Talkdesk account as an Administrator.
  2. Go to the Admin section.
  3. Select the Integrations tab.


  1. Click Add integration [1].


  1. Scroll down until you find “Talkdesk HubSpot Connector”, or use the Search box in the upper right corner. Select the Add integration button [2].
  2. Fill the Contact List field with the List ID data, and choose the desired options for the integration:
    • Synchronize Contacts: Import and synchronize contacts from HubSpot.
    • Synchronize Agents: Match agents in HubSpot to Talkdesk agents with the same email address.
    • Load Interactions: Automatically load past interactions (e.g., calls) with your contacts when opening their profile.
    • Interaction Types: Type of interactions to be loaded.
    • Contact Types: Type of Contacts to be loaded.


  1. Once you have selected all the options, click the Connect Talkdesk HubSpot Connector button [3]. This will open a new browser page in HubSpot.


  1. Log into a HubSpot account with Super Administrator privileges on the desired instance, click the radio button next to said instance and click the Choose Account button [4].


  1. On the following page, you will find a list of the access requests for the integration. Finish by clicking on the Connect app button.


  1. If the setup was done correctly, you see a screen confirming that the integration was successfully installed.


      • Note: If you see an error screen with the message “Denied: 422” it means you have chosen an incorrect List ID in the integration configuration page. Revisit the earlier steps to see how to correctly get the List ID and try again.
  1. You can now close this tab and go back to the Talkdesk configuration page. Once there, refresh your browser to update the integration configuration page.
        • Note: Integrations installed using OAuth authentication cannot be modified once the installation is completed. The only way to change a value or option is to remove the integration and add it again.

  1. Go to HubSpot settings [5].
  2. Click on Connected Apps [6] under the "Integrations" section.
  3. Open the integration settings by clicking on Go to settings [7].

  1. Select the region in which your Talkdesk account is provisioned.

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