Toggling Agents Between Talkdesk for Service Cloud Voice and Talkdesk for Salesforce

With Talkdesk for Service Cloud Voice you can choose which Agents need a fully embedded Salesforce experience and which need the flexibility of Talkdesk for Salesforce. You can switch Agents between solutions as many times as you wish.

To do so, follow these steps:


  1. Open the Talkdesk Admin tab [1].
  2. Go to the Users tab [2].
  3. In Active Talkdesk Users [3], select the users you want to toggle.
  4. Click Change CTI+ [4]  and choose  the appropriate contact center from the drop-down list.



  • After changing the contact center, all users should refresh their pages to avoid encountering any issues.
  • Talkdesk for Service Cloud Voice is incompatible with Conversations. In order to switch agents from T4SF to T4SCV, Conversations needs to be disabled.


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