Virtual Agent: Session Monitor

When clicking on Virtual Agent, you will be able to see the Session monitor tab.

When selecting this tab, supervisors can:

  • monitor the ongoing sessions in the Active section [1]. 
  • see the session history in the History section [2].


To help supervisors monitor the live sessions, the Active tab provides the ability to perform the following actions:

  • hiding or displaying the escalated interactions [3]. 
  • searching by contact name or number [4].
  • filtering the interactions by date, channel, or virtual agent name [5].
  • seeing the incoming call’s phone number [6].
  • seeing the virtual agent that is handling the call [7].
  • seeing the sentiment analysis perceived throughout the conversation [8].
  • seeing the contact start time and date [9].
  • seeing the call’s duration [10].
  • seeing whether the call was escalated at some point [11]. By clicking on the icon, a side drawer will open, containing more information about the escalation.


The History tab presents a similar structure, but additionally enables supervisors to clearly identify gaps in the conversations [1] since the rows, containing conversations in which the speech was not fully understood by the virtual agent, are highlighted in red.

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