Using Zoom Connector

Talkdesk Zoom Connector streamlines communication between your agents and subject-matter experts across your organization, in order to provide the best customer experience and break down communication silos. It is available for the US and Europe regions. 

This product requires additional licensing. Initial enablement and setup are conducted by Talkdesk. We will provide you with a Keybase User ID, which you will need to securely share your JWT App credentials. 


  • If your Zoom organization account already uses the JWT App, you can skip to Configuring Event Subscriptions.
  • Talkdesk Zoom Connector is not compatible with Talkdesk Phone or Talkdesk Microsoft Teams Connector.
  •  Talkdesk Zoom Connector only supports E.164 numbers. Extensions, blind transfers, and outbound SIP calls are not supported.
  • Contacts' presence updates happen in real-time, but only refresh when clicking the user's name. 

Creating a JWT App

The JWT App allows Talkdesk to help you set up the Zoom Directory App.

To create a JWT App, you will need to visit the Zoom App Marketplace and click on Develop in the upper right corner. Then, click on View App Types. A page will appear, displaying several app types: 


  1. Select JWT and click on Create [1].


  1. Name your app [2].
  2. Select the Create button [3].


  1. Fill in the required information fields [4]


  1. Choose Activation [5].
  2. Click on the Activate your app button [6]


Configuring Event Subscriptions

Please follow these steps, on the “Add Feature” section:


  1. Click on Feature [1].
  2. Ensure the “Event Subscriptions” [2] option is enabled.
  3. Expand the drop-drown menu [3] to see event subscription options.
  4. Select Add new event subscription [4].
  5. In “Subscription Name” [5], type in a name to identify the events.

Tip: We suggest “Agent Status Changes”.

  1. This URL is provided by Talkdesk [6]
  2. Press the Add events [7] button.

The following window will appear: 


  1. Click User [8].
  2. Tick the following options:
    • User has been created” [9].
    • “User has been deleted.” [9]
    • “User’s profile info has been updated.” [9]
  1. Select Done [10].


  1. Click on User Activity [11].
  2. Tick the following options:
    • “User has signed out.” [12]
    • “User’s presence status has been updated.” [12].
  1. Select Done [13].


  1. Click the Save button [14].


Providing Talkdesk with your JWT App Credentials 

By using Keybase, you will be able to provide us with the following necessary information:

  • API Key.
  • API Secret.
  • Verification Token. 

The steps below show you how to obtain these credentials:


  1. On the left-side menu, choose App credentials [1].
  2. You’ll find the information you need under “API Key” [2] and “API Secret” [3].

Send both to Talkdesk using Keybase. 


  1. On the left-side menu, click on Feature [4].
  2. The final credential can be found under “Verification Token” [5].


With the above credentials, which only you can supply, Talkdesk will be able to finish your setup.

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