Payments and Collections Reminders

Payments and Collections Reminders is an important feature of Financial Services Experience Cloud™ for Banking. It helps financial institutions notify their clients of different events on a predefined date, such as past due payments, loans, and account balance. Links can be included in notifications, allowing clients to directly perform different actions in a convenient and secure way.


This feature not only helps increase the number of clients making timely payments, but serves as an automated tool reducing call center volumes.

How to Configure

The Payments and Collections Reminders feature requires configurations from two places: the Event-based Notification Manager and an API-triggered Studio flow.

First, the Event-based Notification Manager controls the rules applied for different events. For example, it can be configured to customize the times of messages sent to clients reminding them of past due payments. 

Second, administrators need to configure an API-triggered Studio flow using a “Send SMS” component to notify clients of events such as upcoming payments. These events are retrieved from integrated core banking systems. When the flow is triggered based on the date of the event, the predefined SMS message is sent to the client.

See the following example for more details about the Studio flow.



The Preferences tab enables you to define the target SMS number and customize the message content.

  • “Outbound SMS number”: Select a number from the drop-down list that sends the SMS message to the client. You can add phone numbers to your Talkdesk account under Admin > Numbers and assign a specific number to the Studio flow.
  • “Destination number”: Select a variable that is used to contact the client, which corresponds to the variable configured in the API request step. This variable retrieves the phone number information within the body of the API request.
  • “SMS content”: Enter the text to be sent to the client in the SMS message. You can use variables to capture the data contained in the integrated core banking system.



The Exits tab enables you to route the flow to new or predefined components, depending on the following scenarios:

  • “Success”: Select where to route the flow if the notification is sent and received successfully.
  • “SMS error”: Select where to route the flow if an error occurs and stops the SMS message from being sent to the client, such as a network issue.
  • “Invalid Number”: Select where to route the flow if the destination number is invalid. This may happen in cases where the phone number is deactivated, or its format is incorrect.
  • “Error handling”: This section is available in most Studio components. You can use it to define the behavior for unexpected failure during the execution of a component. For more information, see Error Handling.
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