Financial Services Experience Cloud for Banking: Overview

Talkdesk Financial Services Experience Cloud™ for Banking is an end-to-end, purpose-built solution for financial institutions. With comprehensive banking-specific capabilities in place, agents are equipped with the tools they need to handle requests, providing personalized and targeted services for banking clients. This is how banks can become more client-centric, securing a well-rounded journey for their clients.

Note: To begin using Financial Services Experience Cloud™ for Banking, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager.

Main Capabilities

Financial Services Experience Cloud™ for Banking includes a bundle of different sub-products featuring both efficient tools for agents and self-service solutions for clients.

Banking Workspace

Banking Workspace offers a consistent experience for agents to interact with clients. On the back of integrated core banking systems, it provides agents with key information of the client, such as account information, recent transactions, as well as due and upcoming payments. Specifically, it contains the following cards and a “Shortcuts” bar:

  • Client details: Displays the basic account information of the client, such as account type and status.
  • Account balance: Displays the account balance and recent transactions of the client.
  • Payments: Displays recent past due payments and upcoming payments of the client. This card provides a direct link to the Payments tab, where agents can see the full list of payments.
  • Cards: Displays the bank card information and status of the client.
  • Activity: Displays recent communication interactions with the client.
  • Shortcuts bar: Allows agents to start a cobrowsing session and a video call with clients, and use shortcut links to perform different actions (for example, reset the client’s password, activate a card, or connect to core banking systems).

For more information, see Using Banking Workspace.


Cobrowse allows an agent to see the screen of a client during a voice conversation as the client browses a website with preconfigured code snippets. Based on the client’s question or problem, the agent provides guidance accordingly, delivering faster and better customer services. During a cobrowsing session, the agent can:

  • View website content with the client simultaneously.
  • Use the cursor as a laser pointer.
  • Highlight an area in the shared view.
  • Help the client quickly navigate to a specific section on the website.
  • Start a video chat with the client.

For more information, see Guiding your Client with Cobrowse.

Video Chat

Using Video Chat, an agent can have face-to-face interactions with a client, immediately receiving feedback based on facial expressions and body language. In this way, agents are better positioned to help clients with their requests, even going beyond their original call reason to meet and exceed their expectations.

Video Chat can be used independently or together with Cobrowse. For more information, see Having a Video Chat with your Client.

Banking Connector

Banking Connector integrates the core systems of financial institutions, thus providing a holistic view of clients across key capabilities such as Banking Workspace, Visual IVR, and Payments and Collections Reminders. For more information, see Banking Connector Overview.

Branded and Verified Calls

Branded and Verified Calls empowers agents to contact clients using registered numbers, presenting calls from verified financial institutions with their logo and call reasons. This helps increase call answer rates, thus enabling trustworthy communications between clients and financial institutions. For more information, see Branded and Verified Calls Overview.

Payments and Collections Reminders

This feature can be used to send proactive, customized SMS messages to clients on a predefined date, serving as an effective way to remind them of payments and collections. Secure links can be included in the SMS messages, allowing clients to make payments directly. For more information, see Payments and Collections Reminders.

Visual IVR (Interactive Voice Response)

This solution sends preconfigured SMS messages to clients, containing a link that directs them to a simple self-service tool featuring web-based visual content. With a customized Visual IVR, clients can easily perform different actions, such as viewing balances and recent transactions, and activating a card, without the need for human agent involvement. In this connection, Visual IVR represents an efficient alternative solution to handling large volumes of contact center calls, delivering high levels of customer services, and lowering overall costs.

For more information, see Visual IVR Overview.

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