Providers Workspace: Overview

Healthcare Provider Workspace is a powerful feature of Healthcare Experience Cloud for Providers. With its advanced Patient 360 app, part of our Conversations app, healthcare providers can easily access a patient's comprehensive history, medications, and much more.

This product was designed in the Healthcare Provider Workspace to provide a deeper, intuitive, and streamlined experience, allowing healthcare agent providers to quickly and seamlessly access critical patient information to deliver exceptional omnichannel knowledge.

Note: To use the Healthcare Provider Workspace for Providers, first make sure that the Patient 360 app is set up. See the article Patient 360: App Management.

Once you’ve configured your account and organized the necessary Studio flow, you will have access to all the capabilities of the Healthcare Provider Workspace.


Using the Patient 360 App

Our platform provides a single pane of truth, offering an intuitive way for healthcare providers to understand the patient they are speaking with. During a call with a patient, you will gain access to the following display:


Here, you can switch between Snapshot, Patient 360, and Notes.

If you click on Patient 360, you’ll see this screen:

Here, you have the five cards that compose the Patient 360 app:

  • Patient Details [1]: offers essential patient information, including date of birth, gender, primary care provider, and medical record number (MRN), all in one place.
  • Orders [2]: allows to easily view open orders for the patient and schedule appointments. .
  • Patient Interactions [3]: captures all interactions the patient has had with healthcare providers via voice or digital channels. It is possible to quickly view the main topics discussed during each call, making communication with patients more streamlined.
  • Patient Journey [4]: displays the patient's upcoming and past visits, pulled directly from the EHR system. Agents can easily see the type of event, date, location, and physician clearly and concisely.
  • Medical Information [5]: provides a comprehensive view of the patient's medication and conditions, giving healthcare providers access to vital medical information in one convenient location.  

In addition, “Patient Journey” allows you to manage the patient’s appointments: confirm, cancel, and reschedule them. By clicking on an upcoming visit [6], a side panel appears with detailed information regarding the visit and a button that allows the agent to choose the right action:

  • Confirm Action [7]: This option allows the agent to validate that the patient will indeed attend the scheduled appointment. It confirms the appointment and marks it as confirmed in the system.
  • Reschedule Action [8]: This option enables the agent to change the date and time of a specific appointment. This could be useful in cases where the patient needs to reschedule due to conflicts or unforeseen circumstances.
  • Cancel Action [9]: Clicking on this option allows the agent to cancel the appointment. This might be necessary if the patient cannot attend or if there's a need to reschedule for various reasons.

All of these actions will directly update the EHR system.

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