Creating an Action with Talkdesk Connections

Talkdesk Connections™ allows you to easily and autonomously create customized actions that target specific needs and objectives. Custom actions can be used in a Studio Flow to make your agents more efficient, responsive in their automated tasks, and quicker to the resolution.

To create an action, please follow these steps:


  1. In the “Integrations Manager” page, select a Connection [1]

Note: To learn more about creating Connections, consult the article Creating a Connection in Talkdesk Connections.


  1. Select Add action [2].


  1. Fill in the fields as described below:
    • Basic Information:
      • Provide a “Name” [3] and a “Description” for the action [4].
    • URL Settings:
      • In the “Relative path” field, select the HTTP method (POST/GET/PUT/PATCH/DELETE) corresponding to the endpoint that you are using [5].
      • Enter the relative path [6]. The relative path is a specific action for which you wish to retrieve a response (everything that follows the website’s front page, for example,{id}.json).
        • Note: API types other than REST (e.g., SOAP) and formats other than JSON (e.g. XML) are not supported.
      • Depending on the relative path you have entered, you will have to define the corresponding query or path parameters. Enter the value(s) to be used in the form of a variable.

Note: When setting up the Action time-out period when no response occurs, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30 seconds are supported. 


    • Inputs and Outputs:
      • Enter the Input and Output schemas, i.e, the required information that is exchanged with the server [7].  
        • Note: Actions have a payload of < 2 MB. If an action repeatedly fails to execute, a 30-second interruption will take place. 
  1. When all the fields have been filled in, click Save as Draft or Publish at the top of the page.

Your newly created action will be listed under the “Actions” list. You can modify it at any time by clicking on the Edit button if you save the new action as Draft. 

You can also use your newly created Connections and Actions in a Studio flow, from the moment you publish them. To learn more, please visit our Studio Advanced Documentation.

Note: Once published, Actions cannot be deleted, but they can be deactivated.

For more detailed documentation, technical information, and step-by-step guides, please check our Connections Documentation.

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