Creating a Connection with Talkdesk Connections

Note: If you are in Talkdesk Workspace, you can access the integration and all features described below by navigating to the Talkdesk Builder app. For more information, please refer to this article.


Talkdesk Connections™ enables Administrators to quickly and autonomously add custom actions through a simple, no-code interface. To activate Connections, please follow the steps below. 


  1. Log in to your Talkdesk account as an Administrator and navigate to Admin [1].
  2. Select the Integrations tab [2] and from the “Integrations Manager” page, select Add New Integration [3].


  1. Navigate to Custom Integration and click on Add integration [4].


  1. Fill in the fields as described below:
    • Basic Information
      • Provide a “Name” [5] for your integration.
      • Enter a “Description” [6] for the integration.
    • Point of Origin
      • Type in the “Base Path” [7]. The base path corresponds to the domain URL (the website’s front page address, for example, 
      • Choose an “Authentication Type” [8]. Currently, only these types of authentication are supported: no authentication, basic authentication, API key, OAuth2 with Client Credentials, OAuth2 with Resource Owner, and Authorization Code Flow. Depending on the type of authentication selected, different fields will need to be populated:
      • “No Auth” - If this option is selected, you are able to create a connection without providing any authentication details. 
      • “Basic Auth” -  If this option is chosen, the credentials that you wish to define for the connection to the external system should be entered in the respective fields: 
        • “User Name”.
        • “Password”.  
      • “Header X API Key” - selecting this option means that a special API token, based on the values below and retrieved from your account settings, needs to be provided when the connection to the external system takes place: 
      • “API Key header name” - add a name for the parameter. 
      • “API Key header value” - add the parameter’s value. 
    • Other Settings
      • In case you would like to have the API returning additional pairs of values that contribute to receiving more refined and precise results, you can use the Add header button [9]. Here, you will need to insert names and values for the additional parameters.
      • Click Save in the top-right corner of the screen to finalize the process. 

Note: Once Connections are published, they cannot be deleted, though they can be deactivated.

The integration is now complete, and you can start configuring the actions that will be triggered in Talkdesk once the response from the third-party API is received. To learn more about Actions, read the article, Creating an Action in Talkdesk Connections.

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