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Configurations in QM Assist


Managing QM/QM Assist Settings

Administrators with the Quality Management Assist (QM Assist) add-on have also access to configurable options on how calls are evaluated by AI, and how the system manages evaluations in the “AI Pending” status.


Configuring AI Evaluations in QM Assist

To start configuring the “AI Evaluations” evaluations performed by Quality Management Assist, follow the steps below:

AI_Evaluations_in_QMA_1-6_.png1. Once you have logged in as an Administrator, go to the Assign Evaluations menu  [1].

2. Select the AI Evaluations tab [2].

3. “Automatically evaluate” [3]: Here, you can choose the percentage of calls per agent picked by QM Assist to be AI evaluated. Click on the expand button [4] to choose the percentage (10% up to 100%) of agent calls to be automatically evaluated by QM Assist from the dropdown: e.g., if you select the 50% option, this means that in every 100 calls, QM Assist automatically evaluates approximately half of them. This setting allows admins to control the number of evaluations being performed.

4. “Expire AI pending evaluation after” [5]: In case you select this option, the evaluation in the “AI pending” status will be automatically deleted from the list after the number of days inserted in this option. Then, the system will remove all the QM assist evaluations in the “AI pending” status that has a creation date greater than the chosen expiration date.  

Note: If you do not select this configuration, the AI Pending evaluations will never expire.

5. Save your changes [6].



  • The configuration of “AI Evaluations” is only available to users who have QM Assist enabled.
  • The Assign Evaluations menu is not visible to users who don’t have permission to see either the “Random Sample” or the “AI Settings” features.
  • The % of calls evaluated is approximate, since the system is picking the calls as they happen, and it doesn’t know how many will be made. For a 10% configuration, it means the system will pick 1 call every 10.
  • On the “Expire AI pending evaluation after” option, it is possible to insert a value ranging from 0 to a maximum of 365 days. In case 0 is chosen, evaluations where the AI wasn’t able to fully score the interaction, “AI Pending”, will be discarded.  
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