Restricting User Logins to Defined IP Ranges

You can specify which IP addresses from your company are allowed for users to log in to Talkdesk, enabling you to limit the network and providing an additional level of control.

If you wish to do this, please send your IP addresses or ranges to Talkdesk Support (maximum of 100 entries). We currently support IP4 for individual IP addresses and CIDR notation to specify a network block, so make sure that the entries follow this format:

  • IPV4 (
  • CIDR Notation (

Once configured, any user who tries to log in from a computer with an IP address not included in this list, will not be able to log in. If employees are working remotely, they will need to use a VPN before logging in to Talkdesk.


  • This capability is not available for users who authenticate with SSO.
  • IPv6 is not supported.
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