Using Talkdesk Guardian Reporting

You can start exploring all the Talkdesk Guardian™ functionalities, such as “Reporting”, by following these steps:


1. Log in to your Talkdesk account as Admin.

2. Click on My Apps [1].

3. On the pop-up screen, select Guardian [2].

A new window will appear, and you will be redirected to Guardian’s “Overview”.


4. Choose Reporting [3].

You will see the following information:


Guardian creates reports that allow users to investigate a specific case, log, or agent(s) behavior without having to log in to Guardian each time to adjust the filters and zoom into the listings. Users set report parameters and can be notified if and when the specified conditions (also known as thresholds) are met.

In order to upgrade your account, and have access to “Reporting”, click on Send email to your CSM. An automatically generated email will be sent, so a member of the Customer Success Management (CSM) team can comply with your request.

Once your account becomes standard, you’ll see the following:


1. The “Name” [1] of the reports will be displayed. By default, the list is ordered chronologically. Click on the icon, right next to it, to invert the order.

2. The “Description” [2] of the report.

3. The current “Status” [3] of the report (“enabled” or “disabled”).

4. The “Last run” [4] for the last time a report was created.

5. The Create button [5] to add a new report.

6. The search bar [6] to look for a report by name.

After clicking on Create, you’ll see the following:


1. Choose a “Name” [1] for the incoming report.

2. Write a “Description” [2].

3. Pick the “Status” [3] for the report.

4. Define “When” [4] you want to run the report (hour, day, week, month), including at which minute.

5. Select the “Impacted users” [5]. On the first field, you can choose between “Include” or “Exclude”; on the second field you can choose between “All users” and “Users” (this last option allows you to apply the report to a group of specific users).

6. You’ll see the number of users impacted [6] by this filter.

Scroll down to continue customizing your report.


7. The “Condition” [7] details allow you to set up the report’s run conditions. On the “When” field, choose between “Logs” and “Case Type”, and the frequency with which it occurs.

Tip: If you wish to reset what you’ve done, click on the "More Options" symbol  [···], on the right.

8. The “Actions” [8] section allows you to define in which email address you’ll receive the report.


9. When you’re done, click Create [9], or Cancel to undo this action.


To change your data settings, simply hit the pencil icon, on the right side of the report’s section.


You’ll be prompted to the “Edit report” page, so any changes you make are saved.


You can also duplicate or delete a report, by clicking on the "More Options" [···] symbol.

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