Enabling the Salesforce Dynamic Outbound Caller Id

Thanks to the Salesforce Dynamic Outbound Caller ID feature, you and your agents can choose which outbound phone number you want to use, according to a defined business rule, upon launching a call in a click-to-call or a Salesforce Dialer context.

Please follow these instructions to learn how to enable and use the Salesforce Dynamic Outbound Caller ID feature.


Note: This feature is currently compatible with the Conversations app and Talkdesk for Service Cloud Voice.



Before setting up the Salesforce Dynamic Outbound Caller ID, make sure that:

  • The Conversations app or Talkdesk for Service Cloud Voice has been installed.
  • In Talkdesk account > Admin > Preferences, the “Outbound Caller ID Selection” is set to “Customized”.


Setting up the Required Inputs and Output

To enable the feature, you need to build a lightning flow in Salesforce with the following inputs and output:


  • obj_name
  • obj_id
  • phone_number
  • user_id


  • outbound_phone_number


  • The inputs are optional, but they allow useful information inside the flow.
  • The outbound phone number is a variable from which calls will be made, so this should be one of your Contact Center’s phone numbers.



1. On your Salesforce account, navigate to Lightning Setup [1].

2. Perform a Quick Find for “flows”, and then click on Flows [2] from the list.


3. The “Setup for Flows” screen will open [3]. Click on the New Flow button [4].


4. Select Autolaunched Flow (No Trigger) [5] and hit Create [6].


5. Hit the Manager tab [7].

6. Click on the New Resource button [8].

7. Then, fill out the form as follows:SF_Dynamic_Caller_ID_4.png

  • Resource Type: Select Variable [9].
  • API Name: Insert the input values [10], i.e. “obj_name”, “obj_id”, “phone_number”, or “user_id”.
  • Data Type: Select Text [11].
  • Availability Outside the Flow: Check the Available for input option [12].

8. Hit Done [13].

9. Repeat steps 6 to 8 in order to include all 4 inputs (obj_name, obj_id, phone_number, and user_id).


10. To include the output requirement, click on the New Resource button, and fill out the form as follows:

  • Resource Type: Select Variable [14].
  • API Name: Insert “outbound_phone_number” [15].
  • Data Type: Select Text [16].
  • Default Value: (optional field) The Contact Center’s phone number from which calls will be made goes directly here, otherwise, it must be added through adding Elements > Assignment to the flow.
  • Availability Outside the Flow: Check the Available for output option [17].

11. To complete the configuration, please hit the Done [18] button.


12. Inside the Flow Builder, all 5 variables (inputs/output) should be displayed under “Resources”. Otherwise, please review the steps above.

13. When you’re ready, click Save [19] at the top of the page.


14. Fill out the form as follows:

  • Flow Label: It can be any name, e.g., “Dynamic Outbound Caller Id Selection”
  • Flow API Name: This field will be automatically updated after adding a "Flow Label".

15. Click Save [20].

16. Select Activate so that the flow can be enabled in the next steps.


Enabling the Feature

After building the lightning flow, you need to enable it by following these steps:



1. On your Salesforce account, select Talkdesk Admin [1] and go to Settings [2].



2. Scroll down to the “Dynamic Outbound Caller Id Flow” section; select the lightning flow you wish to use, from the list of previously created and available flows [3].

3. Click Save [4].

From now on, the selected flow will be used to choose the Outbound Caller Id, every time an agent starts a call from Salesforce. Note that this will only happen through Talkdesk for Salesforce’s click-to-call and dialer; Salesforce’s click-to-call feature will not be affected.

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