Enabling the Salesforce Mobile Click to Call

The Salesforce Mobile Click to Call feature allows you to click-to-call any contact in Salesforce mobile app, and initiate a call to that number with Talkdesk Conversations Mobile App™ in a very seamless experience.



Before setting up the Salesforce Mobile Click to Call, make sure that:

  • A valid Talkdesk integration with a Salesforce org has been configured.
  • The Salesforce mobile app is installed on the desired device.
  • The Talkdesk Conversations Mobile App is installed on the desired device, and you are logged in.


Setting up the Feature

In order to set up the Mobile Click to Call feature, you’ll need to do it through the browser version of your Salesforce org.


  1. Go to Setup.


2. Select the Object Manager tab.


3. Click on the Contact object and select Buttons, Links, and Actions.



4. Click on the New Action button, and fill out the form as follows:

  • Action Type: select Custom Visualforce.
  • Visualforce Page: select ContactButton [ClickToCallContactPage].
  • Height: 300px.
  • Label: Talkdesk.
  • Name: Talkdesk.
  • Icon: click on Change Icon. Select the call_icon and save the action.



5. Go back to the Contact object menu. Select the Page Layouts tab and click Edit on the desired Contact layout.



6. Click on Mobile & Lightning Actions, drag and drop the created Talkdesk action to the Salesforce Mobile and Lightning Experience Actions section, and save the Layout.



7. Go to the Contact layout where you added the action and you’ll see the Talkdesk action button.



8. When you click the action, it should open a modal window with the phone numbers of the contact to call.



Using Salesforce Mobile Click to Call


Once you complete the setup in your Salesforce org from the browser, you can start using the feature by completing the following steps:


  1. Open the Salesforce mobile app.
  2. Open the desired contact. The new Talkdesk action should appear on the top Action Bar.
  3. Tap the Call with Talkdesk action icon.


  1. Select the preferred phone number. This will open the Conversations Mobile App and the outbound call will start.

Note: Depending on your outbound configurations in Talkdesk, on iOS the call should start automatically. On Android, the Talkdesk Conversations Mobile App may open with the phone number added to the numeric pad. In this case, the agent simply needs to tap the “Call” button on the device to start the call.



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