Enabling SMS for Lightning Flows

The SMS (Short Message Service) for Lightning Flows feature allows customers to send SMS from Salesforce Lightning Flows, and(or) the Process Builder.

To enable the SMS for Lightning Flows feature, you will need to request the enablement to Talkdesk Support.


How to set up in Talkdesk

To activate SMS for Lightning Flows, follow these steps:


  1. Log in as “Admin” in your Talkdesk account.
  2. Select Admin [1].
  3. Choose Preferences [2].
  4. Scroll down until you see “SMS Settings”, and slide the “SMS” toggle to the right [3].
  5. Select the number [4], which will be used to send SMS.


6. Drag and drop it in the “Enabled” [6] field.

Once the feature is activated on your Talkdesk account, please navigate to your Salesforce account, and follow these steps:


7. After logging in to Salesforce, click Talkdesk Admin [6], and choose Settings [7].


8. Scroll down, and activate the “SMS for Lightning Flows” [8] by choosing the default outbound number.

9.Hit Save [9].


How to use

The feature SMS Lightning Flow can be used in two ways: through the “Process Builder” or “Flows” options. The following sub-sections show one example for each way.


Activating in Process Builder

To start sending SMS through the Process Builder, log in with your Admin account, and proceed with the following steps:


1. Click on the gear icon, in the top-right corner.

2. Hit Setup.



3. Search for Process Builder in the top left corner, in the search field, and press enter.

4. Select the Process Builder result, right below the bar.


5. Click New to create a new process in the Process Builder.



6. Fill in “Process Name”, “API Name”, “Description”, choose the A record changes option, for “The process starts when” field, and click Save.

When the new window opens, please follow the next steps:


1. Click on Add Object [1].

2. Choose “Contact” [2] in the “Object” section.

3. Select “only when a record is created” [3] in “Start the process”.

4.Hit Save [4].


5. Click on Add Criteria [5].

6. In “Criteria Name” [6] write sms.

7. Select “No criteria - just execute the actions!” [7] in the “Criteria for Executing Actions” menu.

8.Hit Save [8].


9. Click on Add Action [9].

10. Select “Apex” [10] in “Action Type”.

11. Write “Send” [11] in “Action Name”.

12. Select the “Apex Class” labeled “Send SMS” [12].

13. In “Set Apex Variables” [13] choose “String” for your “Type” and write the message you want to send to below “Value”. If you click on the plus (+) sign, a new row will appear and you can write the phone number to where the SMS will be sent.

14. Hit Save [14].


15. Save your new process by clicking on Activate [15].

Now, a process is established so that, when creating contacts, an SMS is sent to the chosen phone number along with the corresponding defined message.

Activating in Lightning Flows

If you decide to use “Flows”, do the following steps:


1. In Salesforce go to Setup > Flows > New Flow.


2. Select Screen Flow and click on Create.


3. Go to Action [1], drag it, and drop it on top of Start [2].


4. In the "New Action" screen, search for "Send SMS" [3] and click on it.


5. Fill in the "Label" [4] and "API Name" [5] fields.

6. In "Set Input Values" write in the "message" [6] and the "phone number" [7] to where the sms will be sent.

7. Hit Done [8].


8. Connect the objects [9], “Start” and “Action”, and click Save [10].

9. Fill in the “Flow Label” [11], and “Flow API Name” [12] areas.

10. Click Save [13].


11. Hit Run [14].


Once this is done, the SMS will be sent and a record will be created in Talkdesk activities.

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