Salesforce Smart SMS

Salesforce Smart SMS gives agents the ability to send SMS messages to a list of contacts or leads.

Note: This feature requires additional licensing. Enablement and setup are conducted by Talkdesk.

This article describes Salesforce Smart SMS's enablement, features, and limitations:

Section 1: Enabling Smart SMS
Section 2: Revealing Smart SMS
Section 3: Locating Smart SMS
Section 4: Using Smart SMS



Enabling Smart SMS


  • Navigate to Talkdesk Admin [1] Settings [2].


  • Scroll down to locate Enable SMS down a list Functionality and click its corresponding toggle button to Enabled [3]
    • Note: To see this setting, you must have at least version 3.6 of the Talkdesk for Salesforce managed package, and the feature Smart SMS needs to be enabled.
  • Click Save [4].


Revealing Smart SMS

Smart SMS is hidden by default but you can reveal it on Case, Contact, and Lead list views through the Salesforce Object Manager. The instructions below outline how to bring Smart SMS into view for Cases, but you can replicate this process for Contacts and Leads to reveal the feature for those records. 


  • Navigate to Setup [1] within Salesforce.
  • From there, open the Object Manager [2].
  • Within the Object Manager, click Case [3]
    • Note: To enable Smart SMS on Contacts or Leads, select those respective options at this step.


  • Within the Case Object Manager, navigate to Search Layouts [4]. This will present a list of the object's layout settings.
  • Click the arrow corresponding to the List View Layout and select Edit [5]. This will reveal the Cases List View settings page. 


  • Within the Cases List View settings page, locate Custom Buttons.
  • Select Smart SMS [6] and click Add [7].
  • Once Smart SMS appears under Selected Buttons, click Save [8] finalize updating the List View.


Locating Smart SMS

Once you have followed the above instructions, Smart SMS will be visible in Case list views and you can replicate these instructions for it to appear in Contacts and Leads list views respectively. 

Smart SMS, however, is not visible in the Recently Viewed options for these objects.



In other words, if the Recently Viewed list is pinned [1] as your default list view, you must select a different list view [2] to reveal Smart SMS [3].

Note: For Cases, Salesforce presents both a "Recently Viewed" and "Recently Viewed Cases" list. Smart SMS is visible on the latter list. 


Using Smart SMS


  • To begin using Smart SMS, select the records you wish to send a message to [1].
  • Once the desired records are selected, click Smart SMS [2]. This will reveal the Smart SMS configuration page. 


  • On this page, you can draft your SMS message [3] and configure the outbound number associated with it [4]
  • If the SMS message is too large, Talkdesk will divide it into individual messages known as parts. Smart SMS divides messages into parts according to these parameters: 
    • If an SMS message has only one part, it has a 160-character limit. However, most receiving devices support concatenation and will rebuild the message.
    • If an SMS message has only one part and contains any non GSM-7 characters, it will be converted to UCS-2 encoding, which supports up to 70 characters.
    • If an SMS message is divided into multiple parts, each part will contain up to 153 characters.
    • If an SMS message is divided into multiple parts and at least one of the parts contains non GSM-7 characters, it will be converted to UCS-2 encoding, which supports up to 67 characters in each part.
  • The SMS configuration page displays remaining characters per part as well as how many parts your message contains [5].
  • Once you're satisfied with your message, click Send [6] to submit it to your list.

Once you click send, Smart SMS will display the status [7] of the message corresponding to the following definitions. 

Waiting The message is pending submission.
Sending The message is being sent.
Failed The message has failed.
Sent Talkdesk has sent the message.
Delivered The message has reached the far end carrier.
Received The message has reached the contact or lead.

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