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Talkdesk Academy: FAQ


Talkdesk Academy is an e-learning portal for Talkdesk users interested in getting up to speed with the latest products and features, and for anyone looking to advance their career and easily gain contact center skills.

For more details about Talkdesk Academy, browse our Frequently Asked Questions below.


General FAQ

Courses FAQ

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What is Talkdesk Academy?

Talkdesk Academy is a great resource for anyone using Talkdesk - whether you're a new agent looking to quickly get up and running, or an experienced user wanting to recap how to use a feature.

The courses are organized by Certification and consist of video lessons, followed by short quizzes that help to retain or recap the information. There is also a Certification Quiz at the end of each Certification Course.

Besides video courses, Talkdesk Academy offers soft skills courses as well, on the Agent Certification. They consist of PDF guides covering best practice tips to exceed in customer service.


How much does it cost?

All courses are free.


How do I get started? 

Currently, the registration into Talkdesk Academy is not automatically created based on your Talkdesk account creation.

To get started, you need to be registered as a student of Talkdesk Academy. If you don’t have a student account yet, this will only take a few minutes.

Simply click on Sign In | Sign Up at the top of the homepage:


Fill out the form with your name and email and submit it.

You should enter your name as you wish it to appear on the certificates.

The remaining fields are not mandatory.

Once you sign up, you can start taking courses.


How does it work?

Currently, we offer the following Certifications: Agent, Supervisor, Admin, Advanced Admin.

The order of the courses is the recommended one, and is not mandatory. However, to register on the Certification Quiz you need to complete all courses that precede it.

Some courses, like Talkdesk Callbar, are present in more than one Certification. You only need to complete these courses once, as progress and completion information will be propagated to all Certifications.

Select a course and click on Begin Course:


If you’re already logged in to the Academy, the registration is automatic. Otherwise, you just need to enter your credentials.

You will receive a badge by email when you complete all courses inside a Certification and pass the Certification Quiz.

Badges have a 1-year expiration date and can be downloaded and easily added to your LinkedIn profile.

Earning a badge demonstrates that you have the skills and experience to take full advantage of Talkdesk, thus contributing to enhanced performance and, ultimately, to your individual and organization's success.




How do I find a course?

Click any course to read its description and see the list of lessons. You can also look for keywords using the search bar. Results will list lessons and courses matching your keywords in the title, description, or topic.


How long does it take to complete a course?

The estimated duration of each course is specified on the course description and on the course card:



How long do I have to finish it?

There is no time limit to complete the courses and the lessons can be taken at any time, so you can finish them whenever your schedule allows.


How can I get a certificate?

After completing all the lessons in a particular Certification, you will receive an email with the badge. This badge can be downloaded and even added to your LinkedIn profile.


Can I do the courses on my phone or tablet?



Can I watch videos offline?

Yes - You can download our videos lessons so you can watch them also when not connected to the internet on the device of your choice. To do this, go to the video lesson you want to download, open the video-sharing menu in the bottom-right corner and select the Download option:




The videos are not playing. What should I do?


If you're unable to play the videos in Talkdesk Academy, please follow these steps:


  • Right-click on the video player;

  • Select Report a problem;

  • Select the most appropriate option from the list and hit Send;

  • Switch to another browser (e.g., Safari) and check if the issues persist;
  • Please send an email to indicating the name of one of the affected videos, so that we can follow up with you and continue troubleshooting.


I accidentally used my personal email when signing up. How do I change it to my work email?

Sign in with the current credentials to; then click on My Profile in the top-right corner:


From here, you will be able to edit your email

You also need to set a new password.


When ready, click on Update, at the bottom of the page.


Next, try logging in with the new email and password combination.



There’s a topic I would like to learn about and I can’t seem to find it here. What should I do?

We’re continually thinking of new topics and working on new courses, but we would love to hear your suggestions. Please send your suggestions and comments to


I am receiving too many notifications from Talkdesk Academy. How do I turn these off?

Sign in and click on My Profile in the top-right corner:


Click on the checkbox under “Receive notifications” to disable/enable email notifications related to the course: 



I am experiencing difficulties while using the features mentioned in the courses. What should I do?

If you are an agent, please reach out to your administrator or supervisor.

If you are an administrator, please contact Talkdesk Support.


I am experiencing difficulties with the login in the Academy and/or while doing the courses. What should I do?

Please contact the Talkdesk Academy Team:


What is CXTalent and how does it relate to Talkdesk Academy?

Talkdesk CXTalent™ is an online platform that brings CX employers and skilled job seekers together to build talented teams that can deliver great customer experiences.

For talent seekers: CXTalent gives your business options to find skilled talent and scale fast. Either through our curated network of top Business Process Outsourcers (BPOs) or on the industry’s first gig economy platform for the contact center, find CX professionals who are Talkdesk certified through the Academy.

For job seekers: After completing your Agent or Supervisor Academy certification, you can sign up to be matched with innovative companies that need people like you to help deliver amazing customer experience.


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