Talkdesk Healthcare Experience Cloud: Autopilot Solution

The Talkdesk Healthcare Autopilot Solution is a ready-to-use Autopilot and AI solution designed to streamline patient interactions by addressing common healthcare needs. Built on top of established healthcare workflows and business rules that are directly integrated with Electronic Healthcare Records (EHR) platforms, these virtual assistants offer self-service options that alleviate pressure on hospital contact centers, expedite appointment scheduling, and minimize patient wait times during agent interactions. 

These virtual agents operate across multiple channels, including Voice and Digital platforms, ensuring a seamless and consistent experience for patients seeking assistance. Whether via phone call or digital interaction, users can access the same level of support and convenience, enhancing accessibility and consumer satisfaction.

The patient and member self-service tools offer a comprehensive solution to enhance consumer experience, optimize resource utilization, and promote efficiency across the healthcare contact center.

The supported capabilities are:

Appointment Management:

  • Confirm: Verify or validate an existing appointment.
  • Cancel: Request the cancellation of a scheduled appointment.
  • Reschedule: Arrange a new date or time for an existing appointment.
  • Schedule: Initiate the booking process for a new appointment.

Find a Physician: Search and locate healthcare providers based on specific criteria.

Symptom Checker: Receive guidance on symptoms and potential health concerns.

Prescription Refill: Request the renewal of existing medication prescriptions.

Patient Portal Password Reset: Obtain assistance with resetting login credentials for the patient portal.

Some examples of the pre-built flows in the Digital Autopilot include:

Symptom Checker Flow:

  • Starts with the patient’s identification.
  • Guides the patient through a symptom checker questionnaire.
  • Provides clinical advice based on symptoms.
  • Suggests healthcare providers based on symptoms.
  • Assists in booking appointments with suggested providers.

Prescription Refill Flow:

  • Begins with the identification of the patient.
  • Displays available prescriptions.
  • Guides the patient through selecting a pharmacy for refill.
  • Provides proactive suggestions related to other medications or healthcare needs.

These flows streamline the patient experience by integrating multiple steps into a single interaction.

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