Logging Calls with the Salesforce CTI

At the end of every phone call, agents will be prompted to summarize the call by tagging it with a disposition code and adding notes if necessary.

Disposition codes describe the outcome of the call and are an easy way to track phone calls by their content:

The biggest benefit of disposition codes is their ability to enrich Talkdesk for Salesforce’s historical call reporting. They can be thought of as categories that allow you to segment your call data by outcome and easily identify trends in performance. For that reason, it’s important to create a set of comprehensive, but meaningful, disposition codes.

TIP #3: Your team’s needs for disposition codes may change over time. Set aside a few minutes to review them every quarter, and add/remove some if necessary.

Once an agent selects a disposition code and selects “Log,” Talkdesk will automatically file a record of that phone call along with its associated disposition code and notes (if applicable) to the appropriate Contact, Lead or Person Account.* This is done by associating the phone number of the caller to a record in Salesforce.

* Please note that if an agent selects “Do not log,” a record of the call will be logged to the Talkdesk Activity object with empty disposition code and notes fields.

If multiple records are found with a matching phone number, the agent will be prompted to select which record to log to via a drop-down menu in the CTI. If no matching record is found, Talkdesk will automatically create a new Contact or Lead based on the settings you specified during configuration.

TIP #4: We recommend having agents update and save all changes made to a Salesforce record before submitting the disposition code. Doing so ensures that calls are logged to the most current records and prevents agents from receiving calls before completing after call work.



In addition to logging calls to Contacts in Salesforce, Talkdesk will automatically attempt to relate the call to the most appropriate Case associated with the Contact. This allows teams to easily keep track of Cases as more interactions occur.

Which Case Talkdesk logs calls to is dependent on a few factors:

  • For outbound phone calls initiated from the Contact Phone field of an existing Case, Talkdesk will log the call to that specific Case.
  • For outbound phone calls initiated from the phone number in a Contact record, Talkdesk will log the call to the Case that the agent is viewing when the disposition code for the call is set.*
  • For inbound phone calls, Talkdesk will log the call to the Case that the agent is viewing when the disposition code for the call is set.*

* Relate-to-Case is only supported in console view, where one Talkdesk CTI instance is active at any given time (no multiple browser windows of Salesforce open).

Please note that if agents are creating a new Case during a call, they must save the Case before submitting a disposition code in order for the call to be properly logged to the new Case.

TIP #5: Add the Talkdesk Activity related list to your Contact/Lead/Case Page Layouts to provide your agents with a full view of a customer or prospect’s interaction with your call center (including missed calls, abandoned calls and voicemails left).

In order for Relate-to-Case to function properly, you must have disposition codes enabled for your Talkdesk contact center.

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