Creating Automations in your Talkdesk for Slack Integration

Talkdesk for Slack brings a new level of empowerment to call centers by increasing the visibility of your business and organization and providing a real-time notifications alert system for supervisors. 

You can create the following rules (and more):

  • When a voicemail is left on a VIP number then send a message to a Slack #channel or @user in Slack.
  • When a call is missed and has the XX ring group, then send a message to a Slack #channel.
  • When an inbound call starts in Talkdesk from a VIP number then send a message to @user

Before adding automations you should:

  1. Activate your Slack integration.
  2. Ensure the Talkdesk app is added to all the private channels to where you may wish to send a message. In order to do it, just add the app (@Talkdesk) to the Slack channel to which you wish to send messages by tagging it as you would any other user. Any user already in the channel can do this. Public channels and users do not require any previous configuration.


Configuring an Automated Task


  • Log in to your Talkdesk account as an Administrator.
  • Navigate to the Admin [1] section.
  • Select the Integrations [2] tab.
  • Select Slack [3]


  • Select Create automation [4].
  • Customize the automated task according to your needs.


Example: Sending a Message to Supervisors for all Calls from VIP numbers

Follow these steps to set up the automated task for Slack in Talkdesk “When an inbound call from a VIP number starts then send a message to #supervisors".


  • First, name your automation. In this example, we're naming it "When an inbound call from a VIP number starts then send a message to #supervisors"
  • In the section "Choose an event and an action", use the dropdown menus [5] to configure “In Talkdesk when an inbound call starts then send a message to slack #channel”.


  • Under Filter the event, configure a filter where “Phone: VIP phone number Is equal true”.
    • Note: If you add more filters, these will always work in conjunction: AND and not OR conditions. This means that Slack will behave as requested only if all your conditions are met: e.g. When a call enters the waiting queue in Talkdesk then send a message to a Slack channel, if call in queue is from ring group A and from ring group B.

You can then customize the information sent to Slack by dragging the relevant fields into the text boxes, such as: 



#channel or @user

#supervisors (select the Slack channel or username)


VIP call


Customer {{}} is calling VIP line!


  • Once finished, click Save at the top of the page to activate the automated task.
  • You can disable and re-enable this automated task at any time, by switching the toggle from "Enabled" to "Disabled".


Talkdesk will then automatically send a notification to the #supervisors channel in Slack when a call is received on one of your VIP numbers.


  • You can edit, clone or delete a task at any time by clicking the icons next to each automation [6].

Visit our Talkdesk for Slack - Automations Guide for more examples of how to leverage Slack in your organization. 



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