Automating tasks in your Intercom Integration

With automated tasks, your agents can stay busy handling calls without having to go back and forth updating two systems with redundant information. You can create the following rules to keep agent busy work to a minimum:

  • When a contact is created in Talkdesk, then sync contact in Intercom.
  • When a contact is updated in Talkdesk, then sync contact in Intercom.
  • When an inbound call disposition is set in Talkdesk, then log a call in Intercom.
  • When an outbound call disposition is set in Talkdesk, then log a call in Intercom.

These automated tasks will help to streamline customer interactions and enhance the quality of service your team provides to customers.

Note: Talkdesk syncs contacts into Intercom as users only (i.e. not leads).

To configure an automated task, please follow these steps:

  • Log in to your Talkdesk account as an Administrator.
  • Click the Admin tab [1].
  • Select the Integrations tab [2] and click Intercom [3].


  • Click on Add your first automated task for Intercom or Add New Automated Task [4] if this is not the first automated task.


  • Customize the automated task according to your needs. 
  • Click Save.


Let’s walk through an example of creating  a new automated task: 

  • Once in the new automated task page, pick the trigger and action:
    • "When an outbound call disposition is set in Talkdesk then log call in Intercom" [5].


You can customize the contact details to be sent to Intercom by dragging the relevant fields into the text boxes:

  •  Call recording URL:
    • Drag the "Recording URL"  trigger field [6] - {{recording_url}} 
  • Customer phone number:
    • Drag the "Caller's number" trigger field [7] - {{contact_phone_number}}


Once you complete this configuration, click Save to activate the automated task. 

Talkdesk will then automatically log a call in Intercom each time an outbound call disposition is set in Talkdesk.

You can disable and re-enable this trigger at any time by switching the toggle to OFF / ON. 


Note: To create a conversation (message) in Intercom, we need the sender and the receiver. The sender is the Agent in Talkdesk and the receiver is the Contact in Talkdesk.

Intercom conversations will not work for voicemails (as no agents exist for voicemails), except in those cases where voicemails are automatically assigned to agents (because the call was transferred or the agent has a personal voicemail set up on a dedicated line).

When using a trial account, make sure that you have both an Agent and a Contact in Talkdesk that are synced with an Admin and a User (respectively) on Intercom's trial account. The Intercom trial account must have the Engage module enabled; without this, the Conversation feature is not available.

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