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Olark Integration Activation


 Follow these steps to activate the Talkdesk and Olark integration:

1. Log in to your Olark account and click on Settings [1].

2. Select Installation [2] from the left sidebar.

3. Copy your Olark “Site ID” [3] and paste it somewhere safe. You are going to use it later in Talkdesk.



4. Log in to your Talkdesk account as an Administrator and click on Admin [4].

5. Select the Integrations [5] tab.

6. Click on Add New Integration [6].



7. Navigate to the Olark integration and click on Add Integration [7].



You will now have to fill out the form with your Olark credentials.

8. Enter the “Site ID” [8] from step 3.

9. Select the appropriate boxes [9] to synchronize contacts and chat interactions.

10. Click on Save [10].



The Talkdesk and Olark integration is now complete. 

Note: You will only see contacts and interactions that happened after the integration was activated.

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