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Customizing the Agent Status



The agent's status is used to determine whether an agent can make and receive calls. It has a direct impact on call routing and greetings played.

By default, Talkdesk allows agents to choose from the following statuses:


This status indicates that the agent is signed into Talkdesk and is available to take calls.

On a Call

This status indicates that the agent is signed into Talkdesk and is on a call. When an agent answers a call or makes an outbound call, the agent's status is automatically changed to “On a Call”.

Agents in this status are unable to receive calls. If no other agents are available, the call is then sent to the waiting queue.

After Call Work

When a call ends, typically the agent’s status will automatically change to “After Call Work”. If call dispositions are enabled, during the time the disposition code window is open, the status of the agent is “After Call Work”.

It is also possible to enable an "After Call Work" rule so that after each call agents are automatically set to After Call Work for a predefined amount of time (or until they explicitly change the status). This time will allow agents to perform a set of tasks associated with the end of a call, without receiving new calls.


This status indicates that the agent is signed into Talkdesk but is away from the computer and unable to take calls. Away agents might be on breaks, training sessions or other tasks that keep them away from their phones. The away status will still allow agents to receive call transfers though, should they wish to accept these.


This status indicates that the agent is not signed into Talkdesk and is unable to receive calls. Offline agents are typically not at work. When an agent signs out of Talkdesk, the agent's status changes automatically to offline.


Custom Statuses:

In addition to the above default statuses, Talkdesk allows you to change the name of each status and also define new ones like “Break”, “Lunch”, “Meeting”, “Training”, etc. This makes it simple for teams to be on the same page, using the language and terms that are most familiar to them. It is also a great way for everyone on your team to know exactly why your agents are “Away”. 

To change the name of each default agent status and define custom statuses, follow these steps:


  • Log into your Talkdesk account as an Administrator.
  • Select the Admin section [1] at the top of the page and then select the 'Preferences' tab [2].
  • Scroll down to 'Custom Status' [3].
  • To personalize the name of an existing status:
    • Replace the label associated with the status you would like to change [4].
  • To add a new status:
    • Click'Add status' [5]
    • Choose the type of status (Away/Busy) from the dropdown menu [6] and type in the name of the status you want to add
  • To remove an existing status:
    • Click the “x”  [7] next to the agent status that you would like to remove.
  • Click 'Save' [8] to apply the changes.
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  • Avatar
    Max McDaniel

    We're trying to find a solution which allows us to have different sets of statuses available to different agent segments (roles?). It doesn't look like this is possible but wanted to see if there was any suggestion or work around here. Thanks!

  • Avatar
    Sara Costa

    Hi @max apologies for the late reply. In the future, for a more prompt reply, please contact our support team directly at:

    At the moment it's still not possible to assign different sets of statuses per role or team however, your suggestion has been added to our list of future feature requests.

    Thank you for the great suggestion and please keep directing your valuable feedback to us as we are constantly working to improve our product!

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