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Uploading contacts into Talkdesk via CSV


To upload a CSV list of Contacts into Talkdesk follow these steps:

1. Prepare the CSV file to import, which MUST follow the columns (values) exactly as our template. It MUST also explicitly use the UTF-8 encoding format when being saved. Here is the example template file.

2. Access the Admin section on the top right menu.

3. Select the Integrations tab:

4. Look for the CSV Importer Integration and just click the 'Connect' button below it.

5. Press the 'Choose File' button and locate the CSV file you prepared in step 1. You can specify the tag that will be used for all the contacts imported from the CSV file.

6. Just click the Save button and the import process will start. The time it takes to import the contacts will depend on the number of contacts in the CSV file.


Important Points to Note:

  • Contacts are de-duped based on phone number and email address.
  • Uploads will take some time to process and appear in your account (it takes approximately one hour to process 10000 contacts).
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