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Uploading contacts into Talkdesk via CSV


To upload a CSV list of Contacts into Talkdesk follow these steps:

1. Prepare the CSV file to import, which MUST follow the columns (values) exactly as our template. It MUST also explicitly use the UTF-8 encoding format when being saved. Here is the example template file.

2. Select the 'Admin' section [1].

3. Select the 'Integrations' tab [2].

4. Look for CSV Importer and click the 'Connect' button below it [3]:


5. Press the 'Choose File' button [4] and locate the CSV file you prepared in step 1.

6. Specify the tag that will be used for all the contacts imported from the CSV file [5].

7. Tick the boxes next to 'Synchronize Contacts' and 'Contact Types' [6].


8. Just click the 'Save' button and the import process will start [7].

The time it takes to import the contacts will depend on the number of contacts in the CSV file.


Important Points to Note:

  • Contacts are de-duped based on phone number and email address.
  • Uploads will take some time to process and appear in your account (it takes approximately one hour to process 10,000 contacts).


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