Are Salesforce activities associated with the agent who took the call?

When you activate the Salesforce integration and check the "Synchronize Agents" option, we automatically associate Talkdesk and Salesforce users.

When a call is made / received by an agent, if that call is logged on Salesforce through an automation, we associate it with the correct Salesforce users. This means that for objects whose creation was triggered by an action taken by an agent, if that agent is synced to a Salesforce user, that user will be the one who is set as the owner. All you have to guarantee is that the Agent's email is the same in Talkdesk and Salesforce.

Please note: If this option is not enabled or the agents do not match, we associate the activities with the account administrator that enabled the integration.


John has a Talkdesk account and a Salesforce account that are synced.

  • John creates a case using a Talkdesk action. John will be the owner of that case in Salesforce.
  • The account has an automation that logs a call whenever an inbound disposition is set. John answers an inbound call and sets a disposition, triggering the call logging in Salesforce. John will be the owner of that activity.

If the agent is not synced or if no agent triggers the object creation, the object will be set as being owned by the Salesforce user who connected Salesforce to Talkdesk.


  • John creates a case using a Talkdesk action, but his Talkdesk account is not synced with a Salesforce account. The Talkdesk admin who connected Salesforce will be the case owner.
  • A customer calls in, but no one answers that call. An automation is set up to create a case when a call is missed. Because no agent is associated with a missed call, the owner of that case will be the Talkdesk admin who connected Salesforce.
  • John creates a case, but his Salesforce permissions are set such that John is not allowed to be the owner of cases. The Talkdesk admin will be set as the owner.
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