Talkdesk Microsoft Teams Connector: Overview


Talkdesk provides a suite of contact center as a service (CCaaS) products that address all the needs of a modern and high performing contact center.



In addition to their contact center communications, a majority of our customers use a Unified Communications system that addresses their specific communication needs, such as Microsoft Teams.

To excel in customer service, agents often need to be able to reach out to Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) from several departments (for instance Marketing, Legal, Sales, Engineering, among others) that use Microsoft Teams as their primary communications system.


How does Microsoft Teams Connector work?

Talkdesk Microsoft Teams Connector allows knowledge sharing in organizations and promotes teamwork between agents and SMEs to increase productivity and improve customer satisfaction through first-contact resolution.


When they have a question, agents easily can search and click-to-call Teams users to join the conversation, all within the Agent workspace. The Microsoft Teams Connector provides secure SIP trunking between Talkdesk CX Cloud and Teams via Direct Routing for seamless transfers and consultations between Microsoft Teams and Talkdesk users.

In addition, this connector delivers contact center insights to supervisors by automating alerts and notifications in Microsoft Teams, from Talkdesk. This product requires additional licensing. Enablement and setup are conducted by Talkdesk.


To be eligible to subscribe to Talkdesk Microsoft Teams Connector, please make sure you follow these criteria:

  1. You’re located in one of the following regions:

    • United States of America (USA).

    • Canada (CA) (voice interconnection with Microsoft will be done in US).

    • Europe.

    • Asia/Pacific.

  2. You have a Microsoft license:.
  • E1 or E3 with Phone License, or E5 license.
  • Microsoft or third party calling plan for Microsoft Teams.
  1. To reach users from Talkdesk, Teams users’ are assigned with E.164 numbers.


Talkdesk Microsoft Teams Connector is not compatible with:

  • Zoom Connector.
  • Talkdesk Phone.
  • Other third-party UC integrations.
  • Other integrations that provide Short Number Dialing.


Configuring Microsoft Teams for Contact Sync

For the Microsoft Teams contact sync works correctly, make sure that your Teams users are correctly configured in Azure Active Directory by correctly filling in the fields as instructed below.

  • Email Address: The email address is used to match Teams users with Talkdesk Agents. If an Agent and a Teams' user have the same email address, then it is the same person. Contact sync will create one single person on the Employee Directory, and add the contact details for both Talkdesk and Teams to that person. If the email addresses are different, they will be considered as two distinct persons and two entries will be created on the Employee Directory. If the email address is not filled in, no information will be imported from Teams.
  • Business Phone: The Business Phone is used by Talkdesk to support on-net calls to Teams. Please ensure that the Business Phone on Azure Active Directory matches the phone number assigned to the user on Teams. If the Business Phone is not configured or is incorrect, it will not be possible to call the Teams user from within Talkdesk.
  • Mobile Phone: If configured, it will be imported to the Employee Directory as an “External Number”. Then, it’s possible to call Teams’ users using their Mobile Phone, but the calls will be off the net.
  • Display Name: Azure AD Display Name field is imported to Talkdesk as the Teams users’ names.

If the Teams user is also a Talkdesk Agent, the name defined in Talkdesk will take precedence over the name defined in Azure Active Directory.


Setting up Talkdesk Microsoft Teams Directory Sync

Once the integration is enabled, please follow these steps after logging in to your Talkdesk account as an Admin

Note: Please make sure you are logged out of your Microsoft account(s) before setting up the integration.


  1. Click on “Builder” [1] on the menu.
  2. Scroll down until you see the “Microsoft Teams Directory”. Select Add integration [2].


  1. Tick next to “Synchronize Contacts” [3] and “Contact Types” [4], and choose the Connect Microsoft Teams Directory [5] option.

Note: To undo anytime, click Cancel.


  1. The Login Microsoft page pops up. Enter your credentials [6] and sign in to your Microsoft Teams account by clicking Next [7].


  1. Review the permissions, check the consent box [8], and click Accept [9].

If you encounter the following error, please use the Web Browser instead of Talkdesk Electron Desktop application:


Your Microsoft Teams users will appear in Talkdesk Employee Directory, on the Contacts App.

Note: the synchronization process may take a while, depending on the number of Teams users on your account.

Setting up Talkdesk Microsoft Teams Direct Routing

To adjust to your needs and deployment scenario, Talkdesk supports several forms of establishing Direct Routing between Talkdesk and Teams. Enablement and setup are conducted by Talkdesk.


How can Talkdesk agents reach out to Microsoft Teams users?

Talkdesk agents can search and engage Teams’ users by following these steps:

1. Logging in to the Contacts App [1] in Talkdesk Workspace.

2. Clicking the Colleagues tab [2].

Talkdesk agents can use the search box, in the upper-right corner, to search for anyone within the organization.

Afterward, they can use click-to-call to start a call.

Calls are managed in the Conversations App. If a call is in progress, the agent can initiate a call with the Teams user.

Then, Agents can transfer the call to the Teams user or, after getting the required information, end it, resuming the call with the customer.

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