Using Smart Help

Smart Help is a secondary app available from the App Center in Talkdesk Workspace.

Smart Help allows you to explore self-service resources – such as Knowledge Base articles and configuration templates  – all within Talkdesk Workspace.

To access Smart Help, please follow these steps:


  1. Click the app launcher icon in the top right corner of Talkdesk Workspace [1].
  2. Depending on your account’s setup, the first app you see may be Copilot or another app. To jump to Smart Help, click the drop-down arrow [2].


  1. When Smart Help opens, you will see three tabs:
  • Current Product [3]: This tab is split into two sections: Templates and Articles.
    • “Templates” displays a list of available out-of-the-box templates for the currently selected app. Templates include intent models, Studio flows, and Autopilot conversational flows.


To install a template, select it and click Install. A notification will appear at the bottom of the screen and the corresponding app will be updated (for example, a Studio template will appear as a draft flow in the Studio app).

Note: Templates are only visible to users with an administrator role.

    • “Articles” is available for all applications and here you will see Knowledge Base articles relevant to the currently selected app. Learn more below in “Accessing Knowledge Base Articles”.
  • Templates Library [4]: This tab is available from all apps. From here you can filter the existing library of templates by Industry, Type, and/or Language and install the desired templates.

Note: The Templates Library is only visible to users with an administrator role.

  • Search Articles [5]: Select this tab to search across the Talkdesk Knowledge Base. Simply enter a few keywords and hit “Enter” on your keyboard. Learn more below in “Accessing Knowledge Base Articles”.


Accessing Knowledge Base Articles and Release Notes


  • When you use the “Search Articles” feature, the first 40 results are displayed, but you can view other results by selecting Load more articles at the bottom.  


  • You can open an article in the original source (Talkdesk Knowledge Base), by clicking the button next to the article title.
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