Using Click-to-call with the HubSpot Connector

With Talkdesk HubSpot Connector, agents can launch calls directly by clicking on the phone button in the HubSpot Interface.

To make calls directly to contacts from a record in HubSpot, each agent must have a paid HubSpot Sales Hub or Service Hub seat assigned. Check this HubSpot article to know more.

Note: Before you start using click-to-call, ensure you already have configured the Talkdesk HubSpot Connector accordingly with the region of your Talkdesk account. Check the HubSpot Integration Activation article to learn how to do it.


To launch a call in Talkdesk through Hubspot UI, you must:

  1. Open a Contact in HubSpot.
  2. On the left sidebar, click on the call icon [1].
  3. Ensure you have Talkdesk set as a call provider.
  4. Click "Call (Phone Number)" [2].

If you are not logged in Talkdesk, you must log in through the popped Talkdesk screen.

  1. Ensure you the CTI is connected [3].
  2. Open Talkdesk Conversations and leave it open.

  1. Set Talkdesk HubSpot Connector as the “Client integration” for each agent [4].

  1. Ensure you have the “Connect to CTI” option ticked [5] in the integration configuration page in Talkdesk.

Note: If you don't have this option available, please reach out to the Talkdesk Support team to enable it.


For more information about the Talkdesk Hubspot Connector, check our support page.

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