Activating the Microsoft Power Platform Integration

The following steps show you how to activate your Microsoft Power Platform Integration:


  1. Log in to your Talkdesk account.
  2. In Workspace, go to Builder [1] > OAuth Clients [2] and click on New OAuth Client [3].


  1. Name your new OAuth client. In our example, we’re naming it “MS Power Platform” [4].
  2. Under “Grant type”, tick the “Refresh token” and “Authorization code” boxes [5].
  3. Insert the “Redirect URI”


  1. Click on Add scopes and add the followingscopes: 
    • contacts:read.
    • agents-bulk:write.
    • callback:write.
    • notifications:write. 
    • industries-activity:write. 
    • users:read. 
    • presence-user:read. 
    • account-custom-status:read. 
    • ccaas-user-status:write. 
    • webhooks-trigger:write. 
    • webhooks-schema:read. 
    • account:read actions:write. 
    • automations:read. 
    • automations:write.


  1. Note down the Client ID and Client Secret in the window that pops up once the OAuth client is successfully created. These will be needed for the next steps of this configuration.

After completing these steps, the activation is complete on the Talkdesk side. Then, log into your Microsoft Power Automate account and follow these steps:


  1. On the sidebar, go to Data > Connections[1].


  1. Click on Create a connection [2].


  1. Use the search bar [3] to search for Talkdesk and open the connection. 


  1. Fill in the fields with the information you gathered from OAuth Configuration (Client ID; Client secret).
  2. Click Create.

After successfully linking the Talkdesk connector in Microsoft, with your account, in Talkdesk the connector is ready to be used.

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