Talkdesk APIs

The Talkdesk APIs enable you to connect your standalone app to Talkdesk's services, allowing you to programmatically retrieve Talkdesk call and user data.

Talkdesk APIs are based on RESTful principles, secured by OAuth 2.0 authentication, and have the ability to:

  • Provide JSON messages, search, pagination, sorting, and filtering.
  • Use predictable, resource-oriented URLs, built-in capabilities for passing parameters, and authentication.
  • Respond with standard HTTP response codes to show errors.

Access to Talkdesk APIs is available for selected platform partners and plans. Talkdesk doesn't provide API access to third parties other than customers, or third-party companies that are engaged with the AppConnect partnership program.


Find out more about the Talkdesk APIs (and how to build a partner app) here.


If you have questions that are related to the Talkdesk APIs, please connect with our support team.


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