Showing Related Talkdesk Activities on Salesforce Accounts

Talkdesk for Salesforce accounts can add a related list to see Talkdesk Activities on the Account object:

  • Users can view all related TD activities for an account with all the related data, such as disposition codes, talk time, ring groups, and a link to call recordings.


  • This will look up the associated account based on the contact associated with the Talkdesk activity. 
  • Will only work if a contact is only associated with one account.
  • If a contact is assigned to more than one account, the Talkdesk activity won’t be associated correctly.


How to setup:

  • Go to Page Layouts [1] under Accounts:


  • Select the Page Layout to edit [2]:


  • Go to Related List [3] in the Account layout and drag the Talkdesk Activities [4] related list to the related list section:


You will now see your Talkdesk Activities [5] on the selected Account object:



Security Settings

You can then also set Field-level security settings if you wish to restrict users’ access to view and edit specific fields:


  • Access Talkdesk Activities and open the required activity. Click the 'View Fields' [6] link under


  • Click the 'Field Label' [7].


  • Click the 'Set Field-Level Security' button [8].


  • Tick the boxes you wish to make visible [9] and Save your changes.


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