Creating and Configuring Triggers in Your Workato Integration

To create a trigger in Workato, you will first need to create a recipe. Follow these steps to learn how:


  1. In your project, click on Create [1] and select Recipe from the dropdown menu.


  1. In “Set up your recipe”, under “Pick a starting point”, select “Trigger from an app”. Then, click Start building. A new screen will appear:


  1. Under ”Choose an app”, search for Talkdesk connector.


  1. Select the trigger you want to use from the pre-defined trigger list.


  1. Choose which “Active Connection” you want to connect with this trigger.

  1. You will then see the “Webhook endpoint URL” 


Adding Actions to Workato integration in Talkdesk

To continue setting the trigger, you need to add actions to your previously installed Workato Integration in Talkdesk. If you haven’t yet set up your Talkdesk Workato Connector, please refer to this article.


  1. In the Integrations [1] page in Talkdesk Main, select Workato [2].


  1. In the Actions [3] tab, select Add action [4].

  1. Fill in the fields as described below:
    • Provide a “Name” [5] for the action, which will also be the Trigger name.
    • A “Description” [6] detailing the action’s behavior.
    • In “URL Settings” under “Relative path” select the method as POST[7] and then add the Workato’s recipes trigger’s static webhook URL [8] shown previously.
  1. The input schema for each trigger can be found here
  2. Click Publish [9].


  1. Then, add a new automation by clicking Create automation [10] in the Automations tab.

  1. Add the “Automation name” [11].
  2. Under “Configure the automation”, select the “In” [12], “when” [13], and “then” [14] values from the dropdown menus. These dropdowns correspond with Workato Triggers as follows:

Sr. No.

Trigger Name

Dropdown (When)


A contact is created in Talkdesk

a contact is created


Inbound call reaches contact center

an inbound call reaches contact center


Outbound call ends

an outbound call ends


  1. Click Save



  • Once added, actions cannot be edited or deleted.
  • The webhook endpoint URL is the same for every trigger.
  • The webhook endpoint URL changes with each Workato account, as each connector is shared privately.

If you want to learn more about how to use a recipe in Workato, please check this external article.

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