Autopilot: Overview page

When selecting any of the Virtual Agents from the main page, the Overview tab will be displayed. 

In this tab, additional information on the specific Autopilot that you have previously selected will be presented in a dashboard. Within it, you will see the Autopilot’s leading Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), allowing you to gain insight into its overall performance. 

Screenshot 2024-03-26 at 16.56.44.png

On the “Overview” page, you can see when the Autopilot’s flow was last updated [1] and published [2]. In addition, you are able to change the KPI’s visualization using filters:

  • Set a specific time period from the dropdown or customize it according to your needs [3].
  • Filter your dashboards by channel [4]

In the dashboard, you can find the following KPIs:


  • “Active sessions”: A line graph with the number of active sessions [5], and a column graph with the number of messages exchanged during the time range you previously selected [6]. You can also check the number of sessions that are currently happening [7].


  • “Sessions per channel”: Preferred channels when contacting an Autopilot within the timeframe specified [8].


  • “Top intents”: The most used intents in a selected time period. Here, you can also see the number of hits each intent had [9]. If you wish, there is also the possibility to Export [10] a CSV file with the intent's volume, considering the filters applied.


  • “Total sessions vs. escalations”: The percentage of escalations under the total number of sessions [11].
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